We add value to our clients´ projects by choosing the best professionals specialized in different technologies.

Professional Services

This will enable our clients to easily and efficiently incorporate IT professionals or Work Teams as “staffing”, depending on the business needs, either on-site or off-site.


It will select qualified professionals depending on the business needs for your analysis and approval.

Official Training

It tracks our professionals in a proactive way, focusing on their needs, contributing to their labor and professional wellness and significantly reducing staff rotation.

Our Talent business unit develops four key actions

IT Staffing

It is exclusively devoted to recruitment so as to assure compliance with all projects, and only hiring the best talents on software engineering.

Staff Augmentation

It searches and recruits the best IT professionals based on our clients´ needs.

Software Factory

The best IT personnel only devoted to our client's projects.

Remote Services & IT Support

Specific remote project development at the lowest cost and the highest benefit.

Epidata focuses on our human resources, their professional development, motivation and sense of belonging.

Building knowledge which means generation and delivery of the final product together with a strategy that captures, trains, and retains those professionals contributing to the organization in achieving business goals.

  • Service guarantee of appointed professionals.
  • Career plan and technical training of our professionals.
  • Continuous assistance to our professionals from our Operation and Human Resources Units.
  • Human Resources policies focused on our professionals’ wellness with a wide range of benefit plans.
  • Customized tracking of our professionals from People Care Unit.
  • Performance assessments required to the team leaders of our professionals.
  • Recruitment enhancing by identifying the necessary and specific competences to perform productive tasks.
  • Management and retention of key technical professionals based of frequent tracking of epidaters.
  • Professional development by means of annual performance assessments and training programs aligned with their tasks

We propose to our clients