SGT epidata

Sistema de Gestión de Talleres

(Workshop Management System)

Manage in the same place the different activities carried out in your workshop.


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Budget Management

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Movements Sheet

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Integrated Invoicing

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Supplier management

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Work Orders Tracking

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Reports & Metrics



  • In order to access the SGT, it is necessary to enter the assigned User and Password.
  • The User and Password will be created by the SGT Manager
  • Use of different user profiles
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Work Order Maintenance

  • Budget Number
  • Date
  • State
  • Client Data
  • Vehicle Data
  • Parts Sector
  • Spare Parts Sector
  • Delivery Sector
  • Internal Expenses Sector
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Work Order Maintenance


  • Clientes
  • Vehículos
  • Sector de Piezas y Stock
  • Proveedores
  • Personal del Taller
  • Rubros de gastos
  • Compras
  • Facturación
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Movements Sheet

  • Deliveries at the O.T., will be considered as Cash Receipt or Deposit.
  • Internal expenses in the O.T., will be considered as cash outflows.
  • Other expenses will be considered as cash outflows.
  • General Movements, will be considered according to what is indicated, it can be Cash In, Cash Out, Withdrawal or Deposit.
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Movements Sheet


  • Reports of:
  • Manpower
  • Costs
  • Budget Lists
  • Purchase Order Lists by State
  • Sales Status