Exclusive partner and reseller for the Latin America region.

Epidata is MariaDB exclusive partner and reseller for Latin America, providing relative solutions to the most important Open Source Database manager worldwide.

MariaDB is the fastest growing Open Source Database company. MariaDB, developed by MySQL founders, is reinventing MySQL to support current companies’ needs.

MariaDB offers a wide range of services designed to help users get the maximum benefit from their databases by means of all development and implementation stages.


  • DBA Support
  • Technical support on MariaDB migration and adoption
  • Performance consulting and Database tuning
  • Specialized training
  • Subscription and licenses


  • MariaDB Enterprise
  • MariaDB Enterprice Cluster
  • MariaDB MaxScale
  • MariaDB ColumnStore
  • Cluster y MaxScale on Azure
  • Connectors & Plugins