We, Latinos are not afraid of change

Exclusive interview from ConnectAmericas with Adrian Anacleto, CEO at Epidatawho spoke at Outsource2LAC 2015 about the future of Outsourcing in Latin America.

Adrian expressed: “In Latin America we have the gene for innovation and disruption: changes do not scare us”.
“The future of the Internet of things (IoT), the generation and consumption of large volumes of information (Big Data), Data Science, will produce a huge demand for innovation, with the consequent need of having companies devoted to R+D and validation of architectures and high-level designs for outsourcing processes, which allows for the guaranteeing success of projects.”

Latin America, a catalyst for innovation
“Latin American companies will act as a catalyst for innovation and/or also as responsible for the adequacy to high level designs (architecture) and the compliance with the requirements of quality attributes of an application (performance, availability, etc), facing a value chain of outsourcing also made up of companies from China, India and Eastern Europe”.

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