Between October 4th and 7th, the Third Latin American Conference on Agile Methodologies will be carried out in Lima, Peru. The event is organized by enthusiastic professionals on the field and will feature local and international speakers, who will provide lectures, workshops and courses related to different practices and agile methodologies.

Eng. Pablo Tortorella will represent Epidata as speaker and deliver the workshop Agile Bossa with Ricardo Colusso, a workshop where participants will be able to learn and share, through a musical dynamics, good and bad practices on administration, control and development of projects, related to communication and teamwork.

Pablo Tortorella serves on the PMO (Project Management Office) and consultant in Epidata for the last five years, is a Certified Scrum Master and actively participates in the Agile@BsAs local community. Ricardo Colusso is the owner of Crealogar and has collaborated on creativity and brainstorming sessions conducted by teams of Epidata.

Agile methodologies on Epidata

Since its inception, Epidata uses agile methodologies, both in development and consulting projects and functional areas, and provides services related to agile methodologies. The most important factor promoting the implementation of agile methodologies lies in the philosophy and culture of Epidata, which is oriented towards continuous learning, communication and innovation.

Agile 2010

Agile 2010 is a non-profit event organized by enthusiastic professionals on the field, united by the goal of creating an ample discussion space on Agile methodologies and their adoption in Latin America.

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