The Top Five sectors that will provide dollars to the country in 2019

The article published by the prestigious Argentinian newspaper on October 29th 2018 announces that the software industry will be having plenty of growth opportunities for next year. The key to success lies in the industries capacity to export software services to Latinamerica and USA.

Epidata´s CEO Adrian Anacleto has been invited to participate in an interview with one of the most prestigious newspapers clarifying that: “We, the software industry, have the opportunity to export the best software architecture quality to the world, and that is today our main objective”.

As a spokesrperson of the industry, Anacleto knows that the future beholds many opportunities for Argentina if the focus lies in offering the best quality for their clients in a shorter time making the service more efficient.

About La Nacion: A newspaper created by Argentina´s ex President Bartolome Mitre. It is one of the most important newspapers in the country. It’s history in Argentine´s society has made this newspaper one of the the main opinion makers.

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