Epidata, the first company specialized in Software Arquitecture services and Terracotta, leader Company in simple scalability for Java applications, announced a strategic alliance to provide value services in Latin America. Terracotta is known through several of its open source products which are considered an industry standard, among them we can find: Quartz, framework for scheduling tasks; Ehcache, Hibernate cache provider and Terracotta, software infrastructure which allows to easy scale Java applications.

Through this partnership, Epidata becomes Terracotta’s first official representative in Latin America to provide solutions together in Arquitecture, development, high availability application’s performance in scalable Java infrastructures, together with the quality of Terracotta’s products.

At the same time this partnership strengthens Epidata’s bet to open source community. The partnership’s process with Terracotta began approximately six months ago and it included training for several professionals in Epidata and a thorough evaluation of Epidata’s capabilities by Terracotta.

Valerio Adrián Anacleto, Epidata’s Director expressed: “Through our partners we strengthen our experience with different platforms and architectures with the idea of offering our clients the possibility of choosing the platforms and technologies that better suit their business strategy”.

Epidata has built more than 15 strategic alliances through which it offers services in Argentina and Latin America, among them: Oracle, Red Hat (JBoss), Adobe (Flex), Sparx Systems (Enterprise Architect), Neotys (NeoLoad) y Ubuntu.

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