We found an excellent opportunity to combine two great passions: wine and technology. On October 11th, we shared with our clients the presentation of a case study conducted with Banco Supervielle, while we enjoyed a wine tasting at the 725 Continental Hotel.

Gustavo Bauso, Systems Manager for Supervielle Bank, presented the case study carried out with Epidata, involving consulting, implementation, migration and maintenance on the new corporate architecture of the Bank, whose key to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Jboss.

The pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the meeting promoted the exchange of knowledge and experiences among colleagues on common problems of CIOs from various sectors.

In the words of Valerio Anacleto, founding partner of Epidata: “We believe that within these type of event concepts and shared values are highlighted ​​such as team spirit and collaboration”.

An opportunity opens to share knowledge and, for our customers, to have an exchange space with colleagues who live similar technological challenges and situations every day.”

The initiative was conducted by Red Hat, Epidata’s strategic partner for over 8 years. The Commercial area at Epidata continues to organize such events with the goal of adding value to customers, promoting relationships and exchange of experiences.

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