Since its creation in 2007, Epidata’s Research, Development and Innovation area (I+D+i) conceived many achievements that were once thought as objectives.

Epidata received an important subsidy, named FONSOFT, from the national Science and Technique Ministry for the Architectures Assessment project (EpiAssessment), which was developed in collaboration with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University.

I+D’s activity’s volume grew significantly and today there are three ongoing lines of investigation in collaboration with different universities in the areas of Self-Healing, Early Risk Prediction y Capacity Planning. At the same time, Epidata’s professionals in Software and Performance Engineering perform teachings and research activities generating new techniques on Analysis, Modeling, Documentation, Simulation and Control of Software Architectures. In 2008, the creation of a unit specialized in universities linkage was achieved. It follows established processes for collaborative job opportunities’ identification and monitoring.

Epidata’s “Structure of Business Interface” unity (EDIE) was developed on the “Best Practices in University-Business Cooperation for Development” frame, guaranteed by the OEI (Iberoamerican States Organization) and INGENIO (CSIC-UPV, Spain), internationally recognized institute in the performing of multidisciplinary I+D activities.

Currently, Epidata’s I+D activities include: Thesis Direction, Cooperative Research with Universities, Academic Cooperation Agreements, Free Assistance Training at Universities and an Innovation Observatory, among others. Also, through the area’s actions, Epidata’s Knowledge Base has been extended systematically and new tools have been developed. “Thanks to the confidence of Epidata’s members we are constantly betting to provide solutions in scenarios where classic methodologies are not applicable”expressed Eng. Rodrigo Castro, responsible for Epidata’s Research, Development and Innovation area.

And he added: “with everyone’s participation we are going to keep on working to achieve our vision: to be the main software innovation source regionally, leading research and development in collaboration with universities”.

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