Opening of new offices

In the eleventh anniversary of our company, we are pleased to announce the opening of new offices in the downtown of the City of Buenos Aires.

The new facilities are located at 1056 Reconquista floors 12 and 13, having moved there the operational headquarters of our company where our teams of Software Factory, Consultancy, Trainning and R + D + i work. Both floors are approximately 600 square feet. We trust that the dimensions of the new office will allow us to further improve the quality of work of our staff by providing a better field of professional development.

Epidata continues growing every day basing on quality, innovation and teamwork with our clients who seek the experience and support of the company pioneer in Software Architecture in Latin America.

About Epidata

Epidata is a Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software development & maintenance solutions in less time with lower risk than Organizations can accomplish on their own. We have a 11 year proven track record of success supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon, Walmart, and others. We help them update and maintain their core applications as well as migrate to new technologies resulting in annual cost reductions of 20% while doubling Project team productivity. We are Open Source and Agile by definition.

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