Epidata invited to participate in the lecture “Developing Java EE 5 applications with JBoss” which took place on next Thursday, 08 September, from 18:00 to 20.30hs at the National University of La Matanza , located at Florencio Varela 1903 San Justo.

The event, organized by the Centre for University students and included among the activities of the job fair, will aim to present the architecture of a standard JavaEE application and show which components, specifications and technologies are typically used in each layer. Specifically, the talk will highlight specifications JavaEE 5 and as for implementations focus will be placed on development of JBoss products. The talk will be given by Adrian Paredes, software architect Epidata.

The talk is intended for Java Developers and Programmers interested in this technology and will be conceptual and introductory nature.


Adrian Paredes is a graduate software engineer from FIUBA and works as a software architect and developer at Epidata. Adrian has 3 years experience in JavaEE projects. He is currently working on a migration project of Swiss Medical house applications, as partner of Red Hat using the SOA Platform and JBoss Seam for web applications.


Thursday, 08 September 2011 from 18:00 to 20.30hs at the National University of La Matanza, Florencio Varela 1903 San Justo (Jobs Fair).

Free public lecture

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