At this 20th edition of the ECI (Escuela de Ciencias Informáticas, “Computer Science School”), Epidata was present giving a seminar on software architecture. On Tuesday 25th, Epidata’s Managing Director and Founder Adrián Anacleto gave the conference “Software Architecture in Practice”, a lecture regarding the state-of-the-art software architecture in real projects. More than 50 people attended the seminar and assistance certificates were handed out.
In keeping with the ECI’s philosophy, the seminar’s purpose was to complement academic training. Software architecture is a rather new discipline that is gaining a wider diffusion and relevance in the industry; however, it lacks a counterpart from the academic sector according to the industry’s requirements.
In this lecture, Epidata presented the current situation and it also provided the needed resources for the participants’ autodidactic training. To learn more about this lecture, go to the KNOW HOW section.

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