Ictinus second meeting was held, an initiative conceived and organized by Epidata, which gathers experts in software architecture to promote, through dialogue, the exchange of ideas and experiences on issues related to this discipline Argentina.

The first meeting was held on August 21, and the initial expectation was that it was every two months. However, due to the success and results of the first edition, the participants decided to finalize the second meeting for September 28. Ictinus counts on the support from Kleer, specializing in work methods, fulfilling the role of facilitator and coordinator in every meeting.

The feedback from participants was positive and enthusiastic, in the words of Walter Maestri, software architect and project leader of Galen, “the event is very good, the idea of ​​sharing and discussing these issues, which may not happen in our business daily, is extremely interesting. I think it enriches us all, even to hear that other people have the same opinion that oneself is something that adds value. ”

In the words of Ing. Adrián Paredes “It’s really interesting that you can create this space for discussion so that we can share knowledge and we can all continue to learn.”

The simple fact of suggesting topics for discussion is a way to collaborate. Discuss how we solve it, or just say we have the same problem, are ways to collaborate. I think no one expected the meetings be “the solution” but simply ideas, views, positive and negative experiences.

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