Heading for smart cities and IoT

Current society is undergoing a real digital transformation creating an important need to have Smart Cities, in terms of those being more efficient as regards resources use, reducing costs and ecological footprint, saving energy, and improving services to citizens and their quality of life. This need results in the increased incorporation in the part of the cities of Internet of Things (IoT) such as sensors, lights and meters that connected to the Internet can provide information which, after being analyzed, may be used to improve infrastructure and utilities.

“Epidata I+D+i department (Investigation + Improvement + Innovation, for its Spanish acronym) plans to use Sentilo in numerous IoT projects both on-going and under development. As a company committed to open source ecosystems, we are interested in collaborating with Sentilo community while we codify new functions and integrate new sensors“, explains Lic. Maria C. Etchegaray, Epidata I+D+i department Manager.

Epidata has always been taking the lead in terms of innovation and technology and, as a company specialized in Software Architecture and Applications Integration, has formally been, since May 2017 supporter of Sentilo, one of the most frequently used platforms nowadays as regards smart cities management. Its relevant usefulness results from the capacity to manage, control in real time and integrate different IoT sensors in a single platform. Some Smart Cities that use Sentilo are Barcelona, Dubai and Singapore.

“As supporters, we state our intention to participate in Sentilo community and formally express our interest in this platform and in becoming referrals for the IoT market, for instance, in terms of Smart Cities implementations ” – adds Lic. Maria C. Etchegaray, Epidata I+D+i department Manager.

Sentilo is an Open Source platform designed to offer openness and easy interoperability. For example, it could be used as a support to manage the traffic of a given city in real time while identifying the areas with major pollution concentration; an information which, in turn, can be used to explain the reasons why in certain areas of the city there is a greater tendency of suffering from respiratory diseases.

Epidata is the first specialized company that offers Software Architecture and Applications Integration services in Latin America. It is recognized for its relevant participation in the Open Source world and practical technology innovation, acting as a natural bridge for digital transformation of its clients.


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