Next Friday, the 26th of September between 6-9pm, Epidata will carry out an EJB 3.0 Workshop, in the Engineering Department of UBA (University of Buenos Aires). The training, oriented around students and professionals of the IT area, is open and free, and will be presented by Diego Mornacco and Diego de Paz Sierra, both professionals from Epidata with vast experience in JEE and EJB.
During the training, the attendees will have the chance to master basic concepts of JEE architecture and the role of EJB technology within this field; designing, encoding and deploying EJBs; distinguishing the types of EJB and their different purposes and obtaining basic notions about the protocol of transactions. To take advantage of the content of the workshop, it is recommended that the attendees have basic knowledge in JAVA.
The EJB 3.0 Workshop is an immersed activity that marks the academic cooperation of Epidata, which seeks to promote the proximity and interaction of the Academy-Industry, and reinforce the bond between the academic community and the professional world.


  • Introduction to JEE architecture
  • Application Servers
  • What is an EJB?
  • History of the EJB
  • EJB Clients
  • EJB in session: Stateful and Stateless
  • Message Driven Bean (MDB)
  • Concepts related to EJB: entries, JNDI and persistence
  • Transaction protocol
  • Common problems with EJB

The EJB 3.0 Workshop is free, and requires a prior inscription

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