Epidata signed a strategic alliance with Ubuntu, which in turn made them the First Solution Provider Partner in Argentina, and the 8th in Latin America.

Through this alliance, Epidata has become the only Argentine company to offers official services of support, advice and consulting related solely with Ubuntu products, worldwide recognized, free distribution of the Linux operating system.

Ubuntu, as well as being an Open-Source distributor, is completely free. However, until now, the installation costs in a corporate environment increased when trying to personalize or obtain official support, given that it was found out of the region. The fact that Ubuntu now has an official partner within Argentina brings the option of official support and consulting services closer to the national and regional markets.

“This alliance allows us to offer advice in the installation and localized support on Ubuntu products at a much lower cost and an accessible service adapted to the regional market” states Joaquín Hernández, Director of Epidata and he clarifies that “it is also another alternative for our clients when it comes to providing solutions that meet their requirements”.

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