Epidata together with FCEyN Department of Computer graduates

Epidata will be present in the First Annual Graduates Meeting organized by the Department of Computing, from the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, UBA. It will be held on December, 9th, 2010, starting at 18:00 hs in the Great Hall, Pavilion I, Ciudad Universitaria.

The institution invites all Computing graduates, teachers, students, alumni and former teachers to make a toast and participate in the awarding of diplomas to those who meet 25 or more years of graduates.

Throughout the event there will also be awarded various prizes to the attendees and different initiatives will be presented in order to bring in graduates to the University. Many of those who work and have worked in Epidata have been proud of going through this university both as students and teachers. Among them, Valerio Adrian Anacleto, CEO of the company.

This activity, like many other organized together with prestigious universities, are engaged in Epidata’s academic cooperation framework. Through collaborative actions, training and research, this initiative promotes the approach and reinforces the link between the academic community and the professional field, thus supporting the growth of the profession.

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