On April 17th and 24th Epidata presented the advanced Workshop on EJB 3.0 at the FRBA – UTN, conducted by Ing. Diego Mornacco and Sergio Gianazza, Epidata highly qualified professionals who have considerable experience in the field. More than 25 attendees were preselected -among whom were computer science students and professionals. For two Tuesdays running they assisted to the advanced Workshop on EJB 3.0 organized by Epidata at the Facultad Regional Buenos Aires (FRBA) of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (UTN).
The training activity finished successfully and had good acceptance from the attendees. In two 4-hour-long classes, Sergio Gianazza and Diego Mornacco shared their theoretical and practical knowledge on the EJB 3.0 / JEE technologies. In the end a Final Practical Work was assigned, which integrates all the studied concepts. The best work will be awarded with a copy of the book EJB in Action, which will help the winner to expand the acquired knowledge. The Workshop was free of charge and the enrollment was open to all the community.
The main objective was to contribute to the formation of specialized professionals and promote the narrowing of the University-Industry gap, in an era where information technologies are considered key elements for the development of our country.
This activity is framed within a work philosophy that Epidata pushes ahead by means of its active participation at seminars, training conferences and courses throughout Latin America.
The advanced Workshop on EJB 3.0 was sponsored by prominent institutions within the industry: Cámara de Empresas de Software & Servicios Informáticos de Argentina (CESSI), Confederación Argentina de la Mediana Empresa (CAME), Quest Software, BEA and ESET. It also received the support and active participation of Asociación Club de Programadores (ASP) and of famous universities, such as the Universidad de La Matanza and the Universidad del Cema.
Due to the great amount of enrollments and the fact that the vacancies were limited, not everyone could assist to the Workshop.
Therefore, Epidata is organizing new dates and timetables (which will be soon confirmed) to repeat this activity.

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