“Emprender AJE Ciudad” is the fourth annual event created by the Buenos Aires Association of Young Entrepreneurs, which aims to bring the youth to an area which generate useful tools to undertake and achieve a space for interaction with the major institutions that support the sector.

The projection is key when expanding a venture, business experiences developed in Buenos Aires City helped by those who were awarded for their entrepreneurial efforts in 2010.

Epidata participated on August, 25th at a panel discussion with renowned entrepreneurs, who told what were the main marketing strategies used in their business and the difficulties they faced to go out and sell their products.

Adrian Anacleto, founding partner of Epidata, shared his experience and spoke on the subject “What opportunities and constraints do I have in order to be an entrepreneur in the City?” along with other winners of the Young Entrepreneurs city award.

The event was very successful, about 1000 young people attended, who shared the desire to begin their own project.

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