Epidata once again participated in “Digital Transformation in Business Overview” organized by CESSI.

Epidata once again participated in Digital Transformation in Business Overview organized by CESSI.

The process of Digital Transformation for the companies is being implemented by adopting the most sophisticated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (loT) and Predictive Analytics. These make it possible to integrate and to analyse large amounts of information (Big Data) in (almost) real time to obtain extremely valuable knowledge.
As part of the emerging technologies, CESSI wanted to highlight the relevance of Blockchain and encouraged all productive sectors to explore the massive opportunities offered by this technology based on its ability to record all kinds of information structured in an immutable and accurate way; ergo, its potential to transform the Internet of Information into the Internet of Value.

During the event, Adrian Anacleto, our CEO and Vice President of CESSI, presented the “BlockChain Revolution” which featured Rodrigo Benadon, co-founder of cripto247.com and Vicente Chen, Director of Huawei Cloud Argentina.

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