Epidata, pioneer in Software Architecture in Latin America, obtained the certification of its Quality Management System (SGC, after the name in Spanish), according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard. This was provided due to a strict audit carried out by the certification enterprise Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Its scope is wide since it includes all the activities related to the software development process -Presale Stage, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing and Implementation- as well as Human Capital and Infrastructure processes.This achievement is the result of a process of organizational improvement that started more than a year ago and through which the processes of the different areas were defined and optimized, particularly focusing on quality and permanent improvement.

“The outstanding point of Epidata’s certification is that the company successfully adapted the Standard to its culture and way of working. This makes it possible to actually implement the certificated processes and to use them to improve without turning themselves into bureaucratic elements”, highlighted DNV’s auditor. “I’m pleasantly surprised by the commitment that all Epidata’s members showed towards the certification project”, he added.

The implementation process of the Quality Management System will contribute to strengthen the positioning of Epidata within the national and international market as well as its commitment to quality and permanent improvement.

As the engineer Claudio Desalvo, Epidata’s Manager and partner, declared, “Epidata has grown up permanently at an average of 90% per year since its foundation in 2003. Due to this growth, it is necessary for the company to adapt itself swiftly. Maintaining an updated quality management system will help us to deal with this growth in an organized way, keeping our ideals of an organization based on permanent learning”.

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