The cover of Clarín Pymes magazine from January 2010 was entitled “Making the dream business come true”. Valerio Adrián Anacleto, founder of Epidata, was interviewed and told the birth story of Epidata and how it went from being a dream, into the company it is today.

Below, there’s an extract of the article.

Valerio Adrián Anacleto is a young professional of 30 years who has fulfilled his illusions of creating his own Pyme. In 2003, together with two partners, founded Epidata, an organization specialized in delivering software architecture services and on customized solutions. Today, it counts with a staff of 80 people and offices in Argentina, Chile and Spain. Its growth rate is about 70% annually.

“I believe that being an entrepreneur is something you carry in your blood. I’ve been working since I was 10. From my childhood I was very passionate about computers and systems, and always wanted to have my own company. At seventeen, still in highschool, I started an Informatics Institute in Laferrere, with an acquaintance. Then, I left my first job to start an entrepreneurship, but I went broke within two months and ate my two-year savings”, he recalls. After graduating from Systems, and gathering experience in different places, he started to tour the firms in which he served. “All of them were interested in listening to three young crazy man between 24 and 26 years old, who spoke of software architecture; it was innovative and it had good marketing. The strategy worked, and some companies ordered projects”, Anacleto stated.

As for his dream, he affirms that “although the situation of the country or any other unpredictable factor, could take the company to disappear tomorrow, the next day I would keep on trying to do the same; and continue to wake up as every morning: with a profound sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride. In the future, we want Epidata to have an international profile, bring excellence and be recognition for its innovative contribution. Is it too much? Maybe, but that really keeps us alive.

About Clarin Pymes magazine

Clarin Pymes is a monthly magazine, with a circulation of 80.000 and distribution throughout the country. The magazine is owned by Clarin, the newspaper with the largest circulation in Argentina.

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