On Thursday December 6th, Epidata gave a free of charge seminar on “Introduction to UML and Enterprise Architect” together with Microsoft User Group (MUG).
The seminar was delivered by Pablo Tortorella and its purpose was to provide a macro view of the development process from a system modeling perspective using different UML diagrams with their corresponding elements. At the same time, it was given a theoretical-practical introduction on Enterprise Architect, a UML modeling tool that is flexible and complete for Windows and Linux’s platforms, focusing on its main functions and usefulness.The successful result of the seminar was reflected in the great number of participants which exceeded our expectations.
The quality of the topics that were dealt with and the interaction between participants and teachers – which helped to clear up doubts and to look at some of the topics in depth – were exceptional. One of the participants declared that “By being an introductory talk, there was no limitation on the contents; we received much more of what we had expected”. During next year, Epidata will provide together with the MUG periodical trainings in theoretical and practical formats on topics of interest such as Object-orientated Programming, Patterns of Design and Software Architecture among others.
The planning of these activities is orientated to promoting the development of specialized professionals and fostering the creation and the flow of knowledge from the IT industry.Epidata has a wide Knowledge Base that is constantly growing up due to the collaboration of all its users.

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