Epidata, the first company specialized in software architecture services in Latin America, plans to enter the Catalan market in 2010, to position its consulting, software architecture and offshore development services in the region of Cataluña.

The objective for 2010 is to increase the business’ volume and strengthen their presence in the Iberian Peninsula. In order to achieve this, Epidata will have representatives in Cataluña, who will facilitate the interaction with clients through a nearshore office.

“Although we have successful consulting and software development cases in the region, we believe that the services which will be most developed are Software Factory and BPO”, declared Valerio Adrian Anacleto, Manager of Epidata, and added that “this is a result of our offer of services for the rest of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe will be enhanced by having a nearshore office in Cataluña”.

Epidata already has two offices in Argentina and a commercial office in Chile, and provides services to companies all over Latin America, Europe and United States. It has more than six years of experience in software architecture solutions, training, software development and consulting on various technologies,  among which Red Hat, Oracle, Jave, Flex and .NET stand out, among others”.

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