Epidata at the most important software architecture conference in Latin America

Epidata attended ARQCONF for IT 2016, in its third edition. The most important conference in Latin America included the participation of four featured speakers who lead the road to where Architecture and IT architects are going.


ARQCONF is the first IT conference that seeks to promote and share knowledge, methods, techniques and tools about Software Architecture; based on experiences of professionals who have achieved to implement theoretical ideas in practical cases, creating and developing first level innovative technological solutions.

“The importance of having a clear definition about the strategy of technology solutions which accompany the business and enable the capabilities that this requires, allows the best technologies and practices for the achievement of the objectives to be available.”

About Epidata

Epidata is an American Multinational Software Architecture Oriented Company that provides high performance software development solutions in less time with lower risk than Organizations can accomplish on their own.

It has a proven track record of successfully supporting Multi-National Corporations like Turner International, HSBC, Verizon and Walmart since 2003. It helps them update and maintain their core applications as well as migrate to new Technologies resulting in annual cost reductions of 20% while doubling Project Team productivity. Epidata is open source and agile by definition.

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