On September 20th and 21st the event Emprender 2007 took place in the city of Mar del Plata, and Epidata, the first Software Architecture company, was present for the second year running sharing with 1 young people its ideas on how to use the tools required to manage a company in the IT sector.
Emprender’s third edition, an event organized by Young Entrepreneurs of the Confederación Argentina de la Mediana Empresa (CAME), took place on September 20th and 21st at Mar del Plata’s Hermitage hotel and gathered participants from all over the country. With the aim of motivating the entrepreneur spirit of young Argentines, the Emprender 2007 program included business cases and successful undertakings.
The event, declared of interest for Tourism and the Municipal Sector, stood out for the number of people who attended, for their excellent predisposition to participate in the different debates and workshops, and for the good atmosphere, propitious for integration and learning. Among the local and national authorities present were the CAME’s chairman, Osvaldo Cornide, the Mayor of Mar del Plata, Daniel Katz, and the Vice Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo.
Representing the IT sector, Epidata, pioneer company in Software Architecture, shared its experiences alongside Alejandro Ripani, CEO of Tía Maruca at the debate “How to start a business venture.”
Lic. Valerio Adrián Anacleto, Epidata’s Managing Director and Founder, spoke about the most important tools to manage a company: business plan, SWOT analysis, risk management and competence management; underlining how they can be complemented. By means of clear and real examples, the audience could see the application of those practices in business ventures that were successful within their markets.
Apart from mentioning good decision-making examples, there was also time for tragicomical anecdotes that stemmed from the incorrect use of the tools, which motivated the audience and showed the significance of their implementation.
After the lecture, many young people approached the entrepreneurs, interested in learning more secrets on how to start a venture.

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