On December, Thursday 6th, Epidata will provide a free seminar on “UML and Enterprise Architect” together with the Microsoft Users Group (MUG). The goal is to provide a closer view of the development process, from the system’s modeling point of view, using various UML diagrams, with its corresponding elements. At the same time, Enterprise Architect will be introduced, a UML modeling tool, flexible and complete for Windows and Linux Platforms, focusing in its utility and main functions.

Date : December, Thursday 6th

Schedule : 18:30 to 21:00

Speaker : Pablo Tortorella

Location: MUG’s Auditorium: Rivadavia 1479 1st “A”

Agenda and Registration:  http://www.mug.org.ar

 During the month of November, Epidata has taught seminars on “Design Patterns” and “Office Business Applications (OBA)” at MUG, both with successful results and conducted by Epidata professionals with thorough experience in such technologies. The planning of these seminars is oriented to encouraging the training of specialized professionals and promoting the generation and flow of knowledge from the IT industry.

All through 2007, Epidata has provided different seminars and training for free and open to the public, in country wide known universities such as Universidad Tecnológica Nacional and the Faculty of Engineering, UBA. Also, Epidata members have participated as speakers in various Academic Conferences and Exhibitions if the IT field.

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