During June a Workshop on Scrum was given at Epidata’s offices. It was addressed to all Epidata’s professionals, including the areas of Human Capital, Corporate Communication and Design. The training was conducted by Sebastián Reingold, and was based on the didactic methods of the course “Scrum Master Certified” by Tobias Mayer, which Sebastián had the chance to attend.

The approach was highly interdisciplinary, gathering members from all Epidata’s areas. Nowadays, Epidata employs Scrum in most of the functional areas of its business as a way to manage the explosive growth the company is experiencing. Scrum practices are being implemented partially or completely in most of Epidata’s projects, the development ones as well as the consulting ones; moreover, the non-technical areas of Human Capital and Corporate Communication are also organized in keeping with this methodology.

The Scrum methodology is lined up with Epidata’s philosophy, enabling the constant training of the members of each project and the communication among them.

In order to make the application of this agile methodology practices possible, an introductory lecture was given followed by a 6-hour-long workshop on Scrum methodology. In this way, all the members were able to learn about it and get involved as much as possible with its real application; therefore, its implementation in the projects did not limit the achievement of the predetermined objectives.

“Two of the strongest and deeper consequences of the accelerated growth of a company are the disorder that can be generated and the need of a large amount of agility to face changes and to keep aligned with the philosophy of the company. Scrum is a simple and light process that allows the management of complex projects in constant change”, declares Adrián Anacleto, Managing Director and Founder of Epidata.

“This is why we have decided to implement Scrum practices, combined with a good risk management policy, in most of our functional areas -Human Capital, Press, Communication and Development- as a way to stay agile in front of changes. This experience is really innovative and characterizes Epidata’s spirit.”

The implementation of Scrum practices turned out to be completely satisfactory, barely intrusive and, above all, with a small overhead in the everyday tasks of Epidata’s members, whose result was very positive.

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